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Aryan Easwaran

Born in Bangalore, India

Currently majoring in Integrated Digital Media at the New York University.  


Multi-media expressionist focused on telling purpose driven narrative.

Music Composer | Director | Specialist in 2D hand-drawn animation | 

3D art and animation | Concept Art | Graphic Designer | Author | Computational Music. 



2012-2017 Dhirubhai Ambani International School 

2017-2021 New York University 


Grants & Awards 

2017 - Creativity Award achieved at school. 

2018 - Dean's List at NYU. 


Leadership Positions

2016 - House Coordinator 

2018 - Director of Marketing at NYU Tandon Student Council            (One semester)

Exhibitions & Festivals

2019 - Finalist at NYU Ultraviolet Talent Show 

2019 - Trash App Gallery Screening (Animations)

2018 - Performed at Hindustan Times Playwright Festival 


Work Experience 

2015 - Music Director/Composer for theatre adaptation of                  Antigone

2017 - Music Director/Composer for sequel adaptation of                  Antigone

2018 - Music Director/Composer for Hindustan Times Best                Playwright theatre production. 

2018 - Art Director for Hindustan Times Best Playwright                    theatre production. 

2020 - Music Director/Composer for Jasmine (short film TBR            on Amazon Prime)

2020 - Sole Animator for The Pomegranate Workshop's new              online releases (SWERVE).  

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