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Senior Project

Update 25/4

All B/W scenes completed. Final soundtrack composed but recording not final. 

Update 28/3

Death sequence almost completed.

Text Storyboard 

Update 28/2

Dream met and sequence animated. Smooth frames not added yet. Timing not set. 

Script Draft 1

Body in a pool of blood.

Death into flock of ravens into meeting the first celestial Death and entering the afterlife. 


Landscape of the afterlife, ruled by death. But crafted by dream. We see dream at the end of the scene. Color begins to play a role.


Dream takes you on a journey through the abstract, showing you the endless potential of your mind in the afterlife. 


Time arrives at the end. Grimming all. Corroding dream. Time reveals its position as ruler of all, greater than death, greater than. dream. Time reveals itself as the controller of all. 


The hour glass captures the character, traps it. The character breaks the hourglass releasing the sands of time and turning back time to the start.

Meeting Dream. Layer work not done yet. No color. Discovered style for personification of abstract Dream, death and time.  

Experiment motion for first scene. Layer work not done yet. Color not added yet. Test for bird to fluid. 

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