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Phyllis by Lettuce

Hand-drawn animation experiment on synesthesia. I was curious to see how well I could translate the emotion I felt while listening into color and motion. 

Pattern Illusion

My attempts at creating an illusion using blended layers and tiles. Hand-drawn animation. 

Rorschach II

A second study into Rorschach themes. This one delves into the impressions we leave behind.


Hand-drawn animated music video for a song by my band. The music video tells the story of human evolution from through the things we've discovered or made. 


Hand-drawn frame-by-frame animation introducing the online platform for The Pomegranate Workshop, a production house for the youth. Original music composed. 

Every plane represents an idea.  And

every idea that takes flight, evolves. 

Void by Mantua 

Hand-drawn animation for Void by Mantua. Experimented with animating blobs, silhouettes and Rorschach concepts. 


A forever growing series of painted abstractions. A personal hobby, if you must. 


Hand-Drawn animation of Riot's League of Legends character Irelia. I love her game feel and in-game animations and was thus inspired to make this. 


Avatar The Last Airbender has some of the best character animations. This is an exploration in to recreating those dances through line art. Katara is also my favorite character (after Iroh).


Fire bending is a dance of its own. My attempt at a simple two step fire bending dance using hand-drawn animation.


An animation delving into the pools of self reflection. Experimented with hand-drawing the animation for broken glass faces. 


Animation made on Maya. First attempt at telling a story through keyframe animation on Maya. Arnold render failed, update to be released. Story of loneliness and dreaming. 

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